Ixora Compacta ‘Orange’


Our Ixoras are sold as a mixed variety of ‘Coral Fire’ & ‘Gold Fire’, if you would like to purchase a specific colour please contact the nursery.

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Ixora Compacta ‘Coral Fire’

Ixora Compacta, also known as Coral Fire  (Orange Flower) is a great plant to have as a small hedge or a pot plant. Growing to less than a meter, It can be planted in full sun or part shade.

Coral Fire flowers most of the year in warmer climates, whilst the Yellow form flowers all of the warmer months. Ixoras will benefit from a light prune once or twice a year but this is not essential. Plants should be fertilized at least once a year but preferably more often, any general purpose fertilizer is suitable.

Ixoras require very little water after establishment and are considered a low maintenance plant. With a minimum of effort the Ixora compacta will reward you with flowers and lush foliage for most of the year.


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Dimensions 140 mm


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